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STDF Statistical Analyzer (SSA)

Fast extract engine and optimized data structure to provide faster speed, interactive statistical charts, you could zoom chart and highlight different group popular statistical charts like histogram/boxplot/cumulative frequency/scatter plot, smart grouping features to allow you to compare data/distribution between factors, test search features to enable to find your focused tests quickly, data & charts exporting featurs  [More]

STDF Statistical Analyzer

STDF Extract Service 

We provide STDF extract service which could help to auto-extract stdf file and populate all data to database. Based on data in database, you could develop your own test-data-system with summary explore, test data analysis, data/distribution comparison between lots/testers/sites etc. Our STDF extracting service extracts lot info, wafer info, bin info, unit/die result, parametric readings and limits to database and build primary keys to help you to link data in different tables. Please contact for more information.  [More]

STDF Extract Service