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STDF Statistical Analyzer (SSA)

What is SSA?

SSA is a desktop STDF extract and analysis application with very cheap price available in Microsoft Store. Fast extraction engine and optimized data structure to provide faster speed, interactive statistical charts, you could zoom chart and highlight different group popular statistical charts like histogram/boxplot/cumulative frequency/scatter plot, smart grouping features to allow you to compare data/distribution between factors, test search features to enable to find your focused tests quickly, data & charts exporting featurs  
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STDF Statistical Analyzer


  1. ⦿ Fast STDF extraction speed (>50MB/s), allow to configurate which types of data records to extract.
  2. ⦿ Test statistical summary including mean, stdev, cpk, median, min, max, execute count, fail count, yield
  3. ⦿ Interactive plots including histogram, probability, box plot, scatter plot and histo-box plot.
  4. ⦿ All plots support zoom by mouse wheel with Ctrl key pressed, zoomed view will be saved for next time view or chart exportation.
  5. ⦿ Easy to copy single plot to clipboard by mouse click and export all plots to Word/PDF file.
  6. ⦿ Bin summary to display hardware bin & software bin count and rate to have an overview of production test result.
  7. ⦿ Powerful group features allow you to compare data between different groups (by site, any MIR fields or any WIR fields).
  8. ⦿ Interfactive wafer map tool to support wafer map, parametric map and stacked map, support map merging and rotation.
  9. ⦿ Export map to excel format (contains bin summary and colorized map).
  10. ⦿ Export test statistical summary and raw data to Csv/Excel format.
  11. ⦿ Data filter and selection to allow you calculate statistical summary faster and focus on the tests you are interested in.